Asian Heritage Month - Anj

Illustration of Indian Canadian woman with brown har, standing under a blooming tree.

What does your Asian heritage mean to you?

Being raised in Canada, I was brought up with various cultures surrounding me. At times, I felt like I was in a melting pot, I didn’t stand out, I wasn’t unique. When I felt this way, I would often turn to my Asian heritage. I would showcase where I came from during school assemblies, I would perform traditional dances in talent shows, I would share my background in school projects. It was one thing that I could turn to when I needed to feel special. 

What is a challenge you face carrying/navigating this identity?

It’s often easy to forget where I came from. I feel like society has taken the “Asianess” away from me. I don’t remember my heritage as often as I should.  

What is one thing about being Asian Canadian you wouldn’t trade for the world?

The food! I love Indian food; not the restaurant food, not food from India, but my mother’s and grandmother’s home-cooked meals. I wouldn’t trade their cooking for the world!

What’s one positive thing keeping you during quarantine?/ What is a highlight of being in quarantine?

My brother.  During the beginning of the quarantine, my brother was still in Ottawa for university.  I was anxious, I was afraid he’d get hurt or sick. When he finally came home, only then did everything feel right.  I could “keep tabs” on my loved ones to ensure they’re safe. We still drive each other nuts many times during the day, but, it’s also the first time in 7 years where we’ve been consistently under the same roof. I’ve really missed him.



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