Asian Heritage Month - Celine

Illustration of Asian American woman sitting, sitting on a woven seat with her chin on her jaw.


This is post is part of our #AsianHeritageMonth series on Instagram.

Celine tells us about her Asian Canadian heritage, and what being Chinese Canadian means to her.

What does your Asian heritage mean to you?

“It’s the source of a lot of different aspects of my identity. Being an immigrant, it’s a reminder of where I came from and the values and traditions of my family. "

What is a challenge you face carrying/navigating this identity?

“Growing up, I think there was always a challenge of being raised a certain way at home with certain values, and then trying to fit in amongst peers and a society with totally different values. Once I’ve gotten older, I find the challenge is about not losing sight my heritage and connection with my family’s culture. For instance, it’s getting harder and harder for me to converse in my native tongue, and the more that is lost there, the less I’ll be able to truly and deeply communicate with my parents and my family back home.” 

What is one thing about being Asian Canadian you wouldn’t trade for the world?

“You don’t have to be #asiancanadian per se to also enjoy this but I love making Chinese food.”

What’s one positive thing keeping you during quarantine?/ What is a highlight of being in quarantine?

“Being able to workout more regularly and cook more.” 




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