Asian Heritage Month - Emily

Illustration of Korean Canadian Woman in a dark pink jackett, with light pink mini bag and scarf draped over bag, looking sideways over her shoulder.

This is post is part of our Asian Heritage Month series on Instagram.

We interviewed some Asian Canadians to hear their thoughts on their Asian Heritage, and what it means to them. Emily spoke about her Korean Heritage, and being a Canadian citizen.

What does your asian heritage mean to you?

“I have an interesting relationship with my Korean heritage. For a long time, I almost disregarded my family’s Korean background, simply because I didn’t understand how it could fit seamlessly into my carefully curated life. Now, I think of it as a mosaic of sorts, taking pieces of what I love about being Canadian and what I think it means to be Korean. Both my parents immigrated to Canada as young children, so much of what I’ve learned about being Korean has stemmed from my parent’s Korean-Canadian experience. As I get older, I realize that my heritage is important as this is a gift that can be passed down to my future family. "

What is a challenge you face carrying/navigating this identity?

I still struggle with trying to figure out my own cultural identity. I’m not sure how to fully embrace my Canadian-Korean culture. Embarrassingly, I just started to try Korean restaurants around my city, which of course was pre-Covid. I think food is a great vessel to experience culture and learn about different cuisines within the same country. At the same time, I understand that despite food being a unifying force, it does not unilaterally make up culture. I need to be more willing to step outside my own comfort zone and go beyond food to learn more.”

What is one thing about being Asian Canadian you wouldn’t trade for the world?

“I absolutely LOVE food. I love eating with friends and with family. Being able to experience the bright, spicy, and sweet flavours together is something that I have grown to appreciate. "

What is a highlight of being in quarantine?

“I am really thankful for the opportunity to take a step back and just enjoy the stillness in this season. I love that I can spend the days doing things as I please. I can spend a day testing out new baking recipes/techniques, and other days I can just indulge in what I’ve baked and binge watch tv. "

You can follow Emily and all the treats she bakes @simplysweetbyem, and here.



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